Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Morecambe Winter Gardens pt 3

The size of Morecambe Winter Gardens allowed our investigators to split into four teams and spread over the theatre.  We had four static cameras and had Electronic Voice Recorders running thoughtout the night.  Experiments conducted included glass, pendulum and scrying.   One team reported interesting results with the scrying; while sitting motionless, looking into a mirror, once female investigator's face was superimposed by another, this face was visibly talking.  
Several of us reported being followed by 'the pusher'; I seemed to collect him where the remains of the galleries gent's are.  All that remains of them is the urinal trough yet this is a busy room, or maybe I called in during interval because the room quickly emptied, it was as if a lady was not meant to be there and as I was not going to leave, they did.  I was standing close to the trough when I was first pushed.  He then followed me down to the circle, along the circle promanade and down through the auditorium and onto the stage.  We all reported experiencing the same sensation of being pushed on the shoulder or upper back as if someone was trying to move us out of the way.  The Paranormal Investigation team who held an investigation here the weekend after us also reported conecting with 'the pusher'.
Many of our teams reported Corner Eye Phenomenon (CEP), fleating glimpses of objects or people out of the corner of the eye, these included shadowy figures moving in the ticket booth, on the main stairs and in the circle.  The stage was an extremely active area with all of our groups reporting seeing shadows as if the stagehands were moving around in both wings.  
While our medium, and several of our sensitives, picked up on the young girl my team, the first to investigate the stage area, were treated to some intriguing effects.  Already aware of 'Lily' the 12year old dancer we were sitting in a circle just right of centre stage when I caught sight of whisps of white gauze like material moving as if they were trailing after dancers on the stage then the temperature dropped.  This was picked up by several members of my team, as were the traces of old fashioned talcy/floral perfume which would fade in and out. The next time the temperature dropped I became aware of an effect like dry-ice creeping across the stage.  With each successive temperature drop, noticed and commented upon by other members of my team, this effect increased in density.  
Our medium did not pick up on this phenomenon but he did pick up on that of the man falling from the fly gallery who possibly hung himself.  The 'hanging man' phenomenon was confirmed by the team of investigators who met there the following week.  Our medium also picked up on the grumpy man in the old saltwater baths area and his 'apprentice', while another of our members had his sighting of a dog under the stage confirmed by our tour guide.
The examination of the camera and EVP recordings is on going .  Morecambe Wintre Gardens is unfortunately are rather dusty place and many 'orbs' found on film are often the result of the light from the canera flash, or light source it a static camera, reflecting off dust particles.

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