Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Old Nick Theatre, Gainsborough. 10th December 2011

Now a small working theatre this Victorian building was once the main police station and courthouse for the area, it is grade 2 listed and the cells are original.  It is known that the performance area was once the main courtroom.
During the investigation many members experienced CEP (Corner Eye Phononom) and temperature variations.  However many of these can be put down to the design of the building.  

Shadowy figures were seen walking up the main staircase when there was no one with a pulse on the stairway.  I saw one on the section in the second photograph.  
The main staircase was also one location where Leigh Paranormal’s medium and I had a simultaneous experience that made us grab for the hand rail; we both experienced the sudden overwhelming feeing that the stairs were collapsing under our feet and that the ceiling was coming down.  The medium felt it concerned the chandelier while I got the impression of a bomb, possibly from WW2.  We both agreed people were on the stairs at the time, resulting in them being hurt and calling out or falling.

We also shared personal experiences in the female cells; this time the sound of conversation between at least two women in the corridor and, the feeling of women detainees being ‘visited’ in their cells by male warders for their own pleasure.  The female warder happily turned a ‘blind eye’ to these goings on.  In the female exercise yard the medium and I both ‘saw’ the bloodied beaten body of a prisoner curled in the corner between the cellar window and the wall.  We were both positive that this prisoner did not survive the beating.  

This old iron gate was found in the male exercise yard when it was being cleared of years of weeds and has been rehung in its original position by the volunteers who look after the Old Nick.  The wooden door just beyond it leads into the male exercise yard where all the drainpipes etc., are built into the walls to prevent climbing.  After this is a long corridor leading to the two holding cells.
The corridor taken from the male cells.
Two seperate occurrences happened in this corridor one to each of the investigating teams; the first one involves a whistle.  Three members of the team were in the second male cell when they hear a whistle from in the corridor, one member came out of the cell to ask if someone in the corridor had whistled, but the two members nearest the cell, just outside the cell, had not heard a whistle, however the remaining two members close to the door to the exercise yard had heard it. 
The second incident occurred while a couple of members of the other team were walking down the corridor toward the male cells when they heard what sounded like stones bring thrown at them.  There was no one else in the corridor at the time. 

The second male cell.
Both the Team Medium and I pick up on very similar sensations as, separately, we entered the first cell; those of there being someone in there waiting to give someone a good beating.     

An exercise yard

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