Sunday, 4 November 2012

Penrhyn Old Hall - Saturday 27th October 2012

This was the first time we had started an evening’s ghost hunt with a séance.  Guests and Team Members alike we gathered around the table in the Fireplace Room, this had been the bake house for the Hall the evidence for this is the large fireplace where renovations in 1910 revealed a hive-shaped oven.  The table looked fantastic with its circle of tea-lights headed by the skull (aka Fred), a crystal ball, small jar of cleansing salts and its black and white candles.  The impact of walking into a room that with lights out has to be seen to be understood. 
The séance began quite normal enough, with everyone seated, feet flat on the floor little fingers touching the little fingers of the person on either side of them, but hardly had we begun when the table started to move, just a little bit, but move.  Mark did not even finish asking for a whistle before he got one and we could hear footsteps moving around the room as we sat not moving.
Explaining how the K2 works.
Awaiting the start of the seance. 
Later one of our old friends, Ian, came through on the talking board; unfortunately he was still queuing at the bar for a drink but he did manage to inform us that he died of a nosebleed.  This is the same information that he provided us with last time we ‘spoke’ when there were different people of the board and none of our new guests had been previously informed about Ian.  The table tipping once again had the table bouncing from side to side and spinning around, it even tried to balance while leaning over at 45os.  All this with just the very tips of our fingers just resting on the top of the table.     
The weather prevented us visiting the chapel this time but Penrhyn itself did not let us down; with keenly felt cold draughts that cannot be explained in a windowless door free space, shadows that move of their own accord when everyone else is motionless, the sounds of footsteps and whispering voices, the taps and bangs that come upon request and being followed around from the moment I walked into the Old Hall.  Even Yvonne said that she’d seen something following me at one point. 

We will be visiting Penrhyn again, are you brave enough to join us?

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