Tuesday, 24 May 2011


My name’s Hazel, I’ve been a member of Leigh Paranormal, or L-PIT, for not quite as long as L-PIT has been around.  The aim of this blog is to inform those interested about what we’ve been up to, what we’ve discovered, about the equipment we use and, you never know, I might even put the odd photo up.  
Members of Leigh Paranormal come from all walks of life; some don’t even live in Leigh but travel in to attend our meetings, some of us believe in ghosts or spirits, others don’t, and some have not made their minds up yet. 
Hopefully we’ll get some discussions going, the topics could cover almost anything, UFOs, orbs, vampires … who knows? 
But we don’t just hunt ghosts, sometimes we go out just for fun, camping trips, tramping through woods, visiting ruins; I’ll let you know what happens on those outings too! 

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