Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The last weekend in May

Leigh Paranormal have had a busy weekend; firstly a group of us went to Wycoller ruins near Colne for an evening ramble.  Naturally, because we’d planned this over several weeks, it rained!  Still that didn’t put us off.  We set off slightly later than planned; we needed an extra car as more people decided to come than we were expecting to, so arrived just after dusk.  It must have been a beautiful house in it’s heyday in the late 16th century, it is claimed to be Charlotte Bronte’s inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre, but through changing fortunes has fallen into ruin which is now a grade 2 listed scheduled monument
We didn’t get to see the fabled horseman or the woman in black, unless you count me but then I don’t think the ghostly one wears a hi-vis jacket on her head.  It rained quite heavily at one point.   We did get some CEP, corner eye phenomenon; as we sat in the fireplace several of us reported seeing movement between the gaps of the far wall while looking straight at that wall.  Earlier Scooby had started to follow what he thought was one of us up the hill passed the aisled barn, only everyone with a pulse was behind him.  A short time later, when we were standing by the notice board plan of the ruins he asked, ‘is that Hazel over there?’  Only it was me he asked!  Everyone else was to the left of him or by the fireplace.  Just moments later I could hear the sound of movement behind me as if someone was walking in the grass, I heard this several times, and on each occasion there was no one there. 
Will we go back? We are considering it, next time we might take an instant barbeque to represent the fire and a picnic Jacob’s buffet and ask the spirits there to join our feast.

On the Sunday night we had a quickly arranged investigation at the Raven Lodge Hotel in St. Helens.  We used a 3-camera set up displayed through the pub’s own big screen TV, to date the recording has not been reviewed, and as we had more clients than expected ran 5 teams.  Each team got a good hour in 3 of 5 different locations around the large building with the opportunity for lone viduals. 
My team’s first location was in the dining room, where we used a spirit board and glass.  Communications for the landlord’s mother, and another lady both of whom were in my group came through much to their delight.  At one point a young man’s cuff dislodged some of the letters and the glass promptly spelt out C-O-A-T.  Coincidence, autonomics? 
Later, in the mirrored room, the ladies in my group wanted to try glass work again this time without the letters while others took turns to do short lone viduals on the servants/back staircase.  This time one of the lady’s fathers came through.   We then visited the small cellar but while other groups would later report having seen movement and sensing a small boy called Jack down there, we experienced nothing but the sensation of calm.  
The Landlord then recounted how he had often seen a young lad in one room and on the birth of his own son had named him Jack.  Is this coincidence or some form of spiritual influence? 
More reports and the EVPs for this investigation have yet to be analysed. 

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